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Friday, January 28, 2011

strength in numbers

today i went to a networking meeting of women artists, and it helped a great deal. not only because i am so techno challenged, but because it is so extremely helpful to hear that other working artists have the same struggles, questions, fears, and dont always feel motivated or inspired to paint 24/7 (like i keep thinking i am supposed to be). It helps to see women who's work i admire, also have self doubts sometimes. Why are we harder on ourselves than anyone else? we cut other people slack, why not ourselves? Thats for smarter people to figure out,

Anyway being that i am SICK to death of shoveling snow, painting snow, looking at snow, and trying to find more colors in snow, i found these coral gerber daisies at Shoprite (my new muse) and the warmth of the sun flooded into my soul...i love this color now. Unfortunately by day 2, they had pretty much died (reminding me that yes, it is still winter) but the photos I took and the paintings that are coming out, make me think,,10 more weeks and Spring will be here...so there old man winter................

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

snow is so overrated.

i, like most of you, are so sick of the snow..im not a skier, dont like cold weather and have zero patience these days for shoveling, delayed openings, and being cooped up. I go into my studio looking for inspiration and find freedom, peace and comfort...but what to paint? where are my muses? hiding under the comforter no doubt.

so i took to blogging in the hopes that pouring out my feelings and hopes and thoughts would be cheaper than therapy and maybe a tad more productive...who knows?