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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

storm clouds on the horizon

i started this a few days ago, my mood may have actually matched this palette then. Too many unfinished threads lying around in my head. But as per usual, the only place i found solace was in my studio with my supplies calling me to come play. We were teased with one day of warm weather, and then the rains came down again, BUT my mood has changed for a few reasons. I got good news about both sons, and except for this damn head cold all is relatively calm..For me that is. For most people my life seems full of drama, but i guess its all i know. The good news is little by little we learn how much we dont know, and how glorious learning something new can be.

and like my pastels nestling in their corn meal bed right now, i feel surrounded by good, and will come out shinier in the long run.....

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