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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

new vision, look inward as well as outward

i was so into "blogging" last year, when i thought it a connection to the world of artists around me. Then, not so much. It became another thing on the to do list. It fell by the wayside. I thought who reads it anyway, except my friends and inner circle? Then the circles began to grow, i was invited to be part of a blog hop and i started to meet other artists. Cool.

Art for me is always an internal struggle of how do i put on paper what i see so clearly in my mind's eye? Yet, like many other things, Art is also the thing that gives me the most pleasure. I sometimes forget how happy being creative makes me...
And like all conundrums, art is either when i am most alone or most integrated into community. Alone in my head, in my studio, in prep, or embraced in a group class, workshop or trip to a museum. Bouncing ideas and questions off people who's opinion you value.....

My latest work seems very alone.
January tree seems to be cold and apart. And yet I see it as waving to my son as he drove past it one January morning on his way to Wisconsin. And whats more alone/apart than an apple outside of the bucket?
Artists see differently.
isnt that great?