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Sunday, July 3, 2011

side by side by analagous color

been a while since last post, struggling with a small painting that came from a day of plein air at the arboretum. Hot, tired, cranky because i hoped to "learn" why i cant figure out these dang greens (i can see them just fine, but why do they look like crap on my paper?) So out came that four letter word - Analagous....next to each other, not fighting each other, BUT supporting each other...(working on this with the people in my life, now with the pastels too???) It made sense in my head but my eye to hand coordination was shall we say, uh, somewhat lacking.........
Thanks to the patience of better painters than i, i went back to the drawing board (ouch) and did color theory 101 yet again (are you still out there Kas Zapkus???). Finally in baby steps i started learning a new language (again? for the first time?) and found that the opposite of making mud is making colors sing...and that green isnt necessarily green....LOL
A sweet person wanted to buy the first attempt but that didnt sit right with me, so i reworked it into something i could be proud to sign and kiss goodbye to a new home across the pond...(coincidence that its Independence Day?)

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  1. How interesting -- the whole concept of analagous in art reflecting analagous relationships in life and vice versa. You may not agree with what I said in my email re the color of the water (or the actual painting may be subtly different from the online version... or we may each see different things in this painting, which is part of what makes great art). But I love this painting, in both its incarnations.