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Thursday, March 31, 2011

are figures my first love? i dunno

this friday an exhibit called "The Strength of Women" is opening in Berkeley Heights, NJ and i am honored to be one of the artists selected to show their stuff. Even tho i have spent most of the past two years learning and enjoying the landscape, it was my figures that they wanted. Each artist will show her own vision of/for women but here are some of my paintings that will be hanging in the lobby of the Summit Medical Group Complex for the next few months. come and visit if you can....

Saturday, March 19, 2011

time to change up the ole palette?

i knew things were hovering around boring and safe, when i spied my laundry pile on the chair, and realized it was the same color as most of my recent paintings...lots of lavendery blues, a few citron-y greens and a pink thrown in for good measure....
add into the mix the arrival of a 74 degree day, and out with the old, in with the new.
just to really test myself i pulled together a dozen colors i dont use, aka orange, coral, yellow, ochre, salmon, pink, and put away everything else. At this point i think im on pastelmat and not wallis, but who knows.

so heres my pink palette (adios snow scenes) even tho the pic is way orange--- its really  a tad tamer.

Monday, March 14, 2011

my 100 list, thank you maryann, stefanie and of course, casey

My friend Maryann, a prolific artist in her own right, posted about this exercise on Casey Klahns Blog, The Colorist...so, as per usual, I took up the challenge too. Maybe its another way of avoiding painting, or paperwork, or cleaning, or...but hey, it got me thinking, so its all good. Heres my list, in no order except for the way they fell out of my brain. You should do your own.

100 Things I Love About Art

1.        Boxes of Broken Pastels
2.       The smell of pantone markers
3.       My Synaestesia reactions to color
4.       Museums
5.       Art books
6.       Learning from other artists
7.       Talking to other artists
8.       Framing
9.       Gallery visits
10.    Old masters
11.      New masters
12.     Photoshop
13.     Complimentary colors
14.    Learning a new technique
15.     Wolf Khan
16.     Stan Sperlak
17.     Degas’ ballerinas
18.     The desire to learn a new medium
19.    Hands on learning
20.   Listening to the silence while painting
21.     Plein air experiences
22.    Color theory
23.    Warm colors
24.   Cool colors
25.    Memories of sold paintings
26.    A new box of crayola crayons
27.    Answering questions about my art
28.    Feeling proud of artists, myself included
29.   New pastels
30.   Glassine
31.     Pastel mat
32.    Wallis
33.    Mentors
34.   Flowers
35.    Faces
36.    Drawing hands
37.    Learning about sky colors
38.    Breathe
39.   Graphic art
40.   Loutrec
41.    The Frick Museum
42.   The Temple of Dendur atrium
43.   Traveling art shows
44.   Artist discounts
45.   Joining art organizations
46.   The way colors smell
47.   Egon Schiele
48.   Underpainting
49.   Large canvasses
50.   Thumbnail sketches
51.     Value studies
52.    Owning the complete set of grey pantones in HS
53.    Lunch breaks
54.   Painting upside down
55.    “blocks of color only!!”
56.    Sepia series
57.    Ribbons
58.    Karen Appleton
59.   Cleaning my boxes
60.   Fruit studies
61.     Postcards
62.    Exhibit booklets
63.    Egyptian cuneiform art
64.   Micrography
65.    Seashore paintings
66.    Scale
67.    Fabric folds
68.    Hard edges
69.   Mist over the water
70.   Quotes posted by MD
71.     Clear glass
72.    Museum glass
73.    Perspective
74.   Traveling sets of paints
75.    Light as shadow
76.    Negative spaces
77.    Photographing my artwork
78.    Re-thinking
79.   John Singer Sargeant
80.   Helen Frankenthaler
81.     Moonlight colors
82.    Discovering marshes
83.    Sketching
84.   New sketchbooks
85.    Art supply stores
86.    My new studio space
87.    Being serious
88.    Dealing with the business side correctly
89.   Blogging
90.   Edward Hopper
91.    Changing palettes
92.   Seeing brush strokes
93.   Texture
94.   Realism
95.   Pointelism
96.   Seurat
97.   Business cards
98.   Wooden sturdy easels
99.   The smell of paint
100.Working daily, or at least wanting to