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Friday, October 21, 2011

A Still Life (for real)

i havent updated this blog in forever, ive been wanting to paint, but sooo uninspired. 
wanted to get out of my comfort zone, antsy, itchy, but nada on paper.
got a new set of holbeins, ordered oodles of antracite pastelmat....
still nada. 
talked to lots of artists and creative people i trust, they all said "been there, done that". --just try playing with a new color, abstract, sketching, moving,,,hmmmmm all doable. 
but then again, no..

what have i never wanted to do? still lifes...booooring, not alive like people or seas or trees or skies.  But a friend nudged me to try something new. After al,l i reasoned, aren't i spending a king's ransom trying to find serenity. isnt that what i perpetually seek, a Still Life? yep.

so for the past three weeks i decided i will paint for the sake of painting. i will see for the sake of seeing, i will look at inanimate objects as if they were alive. and see what, if anything happens.

i mean, i already give my art supplies souls and grieve when a marker dries out as if a relative died. so here are a few of my attempts. and im actually happy with them. look at me, serene with still lifes.


  1. you know how I feel about the art work. and you know how much I have always enjoyed your writing. (frankly, you could make a living writing.) But I particularly liked your comment about king's ransom.....still life.
    keep up the good work. (and work Big!)

  2. Lots of painintg, it's the only way to find the answer.

    Nice work. Inspirational painitng. Hope to see you in real life person someday....