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Friday, May 20, 2011

driven to abstraction

all creative people suffer their own version of stuck. writers block, un-inspiration. What to do with an itchy trigger/sketching finger and nothing speaks to you?

You listen to the silence i guess. perhaps thats why i hauled myself back to yoga. Silence is golden to a person with noise in the head... but i digress,

so ive been standing at the easel listening to the colors in my head. Using a viewfinder (real and not) to capture teeny snippets of the world around me, since its the colors or photos i shot that inspire me, not to "copy" them but to use them as a springboard forward. Whats this all about? Where will it lead? who the heck knows. who cares anyway? The come fast and furious and may be the catalyst to somewhere, someone, something else...

stay tuned.

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