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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

figuring it out

i've been straddling too many worlds these days. Since i could hold a pencil (or was that a crayon with a perfectly sharpened point nestled next to those that were its color-family members--yes i rearranged that box of 64 to MY liking) , wait, where was I?... oh yeah since forever ago, all i can remember is drawing people, clothing, FASHION dahling, never animals or street scenes, always people. So this has always been my comfort zone. When the world around me was crumbling down, i had my art work. When money's tight, the sons are aggravating me with a capital A, theres always drawing...So, as those of you may know, the last year or two it was time to cliff dive and do something DIFFERENT.

i started taking classes and workshops of landscapes, and gulp, i liked it..i especially loved my forays to the shore (beach) and taking photo after photo of the waves crashing and then studying them on paper. how many colors of blue and green and white are there, holy crap, a lot. But then i got itchy again. Wanting to draw people but afraid my women would come out looking like oceans. So i just started again,  and it WAS like riding a horse or a bike (BAD analogy as i hate riding both of those things).
I am about to hang 5 portraits in a show come April 1st and last Sunday took a 6 hr workshop with Alex Piccarillo, and old teacher and friend of mine.

I am still loving oceans, clouds, crazy sky colors and assorted flowers and marshes, but nothing is more fun that the ladies........ this is from that workshop

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