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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

tidings of comfort and joy

i've been struggling yet again to find inspiration. i see so much beauty in everyday things, yet little desire to put it down on paper. I try not to let old voices creep in to my head about what i should or shouldnt paint. i get inspired when i see others' work, but something stops me. I've been told repeatedly by artist friends i admire, that this is a good thing, it means im on the edge, im breaking thru, im ready to go somewhere else...(bermuda sounds good),,,

so i am still doing my little still lifes. i do see beauty in an apple, a stem of a tomato, the sheer luminosity of an onions skin. so i continue to work, and to work it out. and my fruits and veggies are bringing me joy.

and in my own twisted twist on "comfort zone", i painted just that, the comfy corner of a comfy couch in a comfy room shared with comfy friends painting.
glad tidings all.