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Thursday, February 24, 2011

this must be why they are called WORKshops....

so i hauled my phobic self to Cape May CH this past weekend, thinking "you can do this"...and trying to figure out what was more anxiety provoking, painting in a "Master Class" or making the three hour drive myself...uh the drive it turned out..
Would my 10 year old car that pulls to the left make it there? Would my lack of directional skills get me lost even tho the GSP is a straight road? Would i psyche myself out, stop at a rest stop and "rest"?...
yes, no, and no.

Stan Sperlak was extremely generous in his talent, time, patience, and food. My tour of the 37 acre farm was the AHA moment of how he can be inspired by the same views day in and day out. His sense of humour about all things personal and professional put me at ease. Well, my version of ease anyway. The other painters all brought their own talents and fears. For the most part it was a nice group of people. It was an intense 48 hours, painting and/or learning from 8am to 8pm with occasional breaks. It will take quite a while to absorb the weekend, and get what i learned from brain to hand.

Above is the 20 minute pastel of Rose, a beautiful woman; Im trying to get more comfortable with my Terry Ludwigs.
This is my landscape of Terry Ludwigs, then sprayed with alcohol and reworked.

I also did a scene with a barn in it, realizing i never did structures before, that was weird.
so i worked really hard and learned a lot.  Hopefully my next workshop will be soon


  1. So glad you had this opportunity... and love your use of color in Rose...


  2. Sounds like a great experience. I have heard so many nice things about Stan Sperlak, and I love the painting of Rose.