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Thursday, March 3, 2011


ive been living in my head a lot again, so i guess it seemed logical for me to go back to my Reflections Series.
since all i do lately is reflect on the past, --choices, people, places, and why i gave my friendship and soul so freely to people that didnt deserve it. I'm happy to say that i am on the "other side" looking in now. People have commented on how my work looks stronger, my color sense more confident, and im not so anxious,, and perhaps thats because its taken me half a century to grow up.

I have learned that "no" is a complete sentence. And ive stopped caring what people i dont care about, care about me.

So today i finished Reflections Series #5. There are tweaks to be made here now that i see it onscreen, but hey, it's all good today.

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